Preventive Care

The primary care providers at Commerce Internal Medicine are here to help you feel your best. Seeing the doctor for an annual check-up is a smart way to stay healthy year-round. Your wellness exam is also a great time to get up-to-date on any vaccines or immunizations.

A wellness exam includes a detailed physical examination in addition to a discussion of your personal and family medical history and lifestyle. This can help the doctor determine if you are at risk for any particular illnesses, including diabetes, heart disease, or cancer. For women, we can also perform a Pap smear if needed.

Certain health screenings may be offered based on your risk factors, as well as your age and overall health condition. We also administer flu shots for all adults and pneumonia shots for older adults at risk.

In addition, we offer sports physicals for active adults who participate in organized sports such as a league or club team.

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